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 Pliable Product – Formowalny Produkt – Plooibaar Product
(New Delhi) recorded the 2-day workshops on NeuVé*held in the Lalit Kala akademie in December 2004. The way the workshops were conducted was regarded as a  'new way' of intermediating information to students. a worthwhile discussion was provoked, on how to deal with the intermediation and the meaning of interactivity in this process of dealing with the Pliable Product.

According to the information provided by NCERT the audio-visual team has edited a television-program out of the recorded material, meant to be broadcasted all over India. Accompanied by a commentary of Leidi Haaijer the program has been telecasted on Gyan Darshan Channel.

The clip shows the introduction into the use of elements, patterns and structures and the explanation of the use of a digital vectorprogram on the computer related to physical techniques as stamping, painting, drawing and stickering.
Conductors: Leidi Haaijer & Nikhil Bhardwaj
Participants: students and facilitators in the cultural field

Organisations present at the workshops:
Contemporary academian - Higher education in India / NCERT
National Institute of Fashion Technology

School of Planning and architecture

Business & Community Foundation

College of Art New Delhi
Rajasthan School of Art


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