A conceptproposal concerning the development of (a) WorkLivingspace(s) that balance(s) tightly with the surroundings and the users (= permaculture (Dutch) in building and living).
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  Evolution and existence of such a place is a model of growth; meaning that specifically defined spaces evolve like a skin embracing the content shaped by life, as time passes by.
Unfoldment is the essence (= the unfolding of events/experiences in time) combined with the specifically related exchange; mechanical timeschedules are not leading.
The tree is the model of growth
life is dynamics
  (Visual) development and communication according the realisation of such a place deals with the next qualities:
selfbuilt (strawbalebuilding & earthship techniques)
sustainable / energyneutral
joint building

(building, development and usage are organised parallel to basics in permaculture)
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The second argument: playing with shapes
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